This is a luxury boudoir experience all about LOVE.

Love for the JOURNEY'S that got you to the woman that you are today!

Love for YOURSELF and all of your WOMANHOOD!

Love for the all that is yet to BECOME!

Bonjour mademoiselle!

You are here because you 
know that it is time to put yourself FIRST!

Your investment is $550 and the time to really reveal in who you are AND you in your own skin!

You will receive a professional print of your choice (valued at $350) and I can guarantee that you will LOVE more! Which is why your $550 goes towards any of our beautiful Collections or Wall Art.

These sessions are full BLACK AND WHITE, with a focus on the DETAILS, not on the over sexualised context that boudoir has been synonymous with.



your goddess dream team

I am a woman who has walked this journey personally and now, I want to show other women just how powerful this experience truly is.

Melissa - photographer/owner

I am a fierce, determined Mumma and I am not defined by how or what box people try to put me in.
I have done this experience myself and the confidence I received, I will NEVER forget!

Charnell - makeup/hair artist

Curves - are GLORIOUS!
Posing - I tailor it to you, FOR YOU and every inch of your WOMANHOOD!
Age - the ONLY limit is you must be 18+
Model - EVERY woman you see in the gallery below is just like you and me. Everyday women, with extraordinary souls.
Opinions - the ONLY opinion we care about is YOURS! You are THE most important person.

some fears debunked!

I love my curves!
And I celebrated them when I did this experience and as a curvy girl, I did not think that I would ever see myself  as a Goddess. That was NOT until I saw my own images. 

Lil - makeup/hair artist

I know how anxious a girl can get with doing boudoir, so I do encourage you to bring along your sister, bestfriend, your "ride-or-die" girl. When she sees all the fun and pampering you're receiving, I can guarantee she will definitely want to do a boudoir shoot herself xx

When you get inside your own head, the chatter and self loath can be really difficult to hear, let alone, manage.

But, if you can just step through the door, I will be there to walk this empowering journey with you. We will take it slow. There is no rush. I got you Girl xx

This all inclusive luxury session includes a full wardrobe and beauty styling appointment with me and if we gotta go shopping girl....that's exactly what we'll do!

This session is all about LOVE.
Love for yourself. Love for how you feel. Love in what you're wearing.....and we will do whatever is necessary so that you are swimming in it!

GIRL.....we haven't got our fully fledge fairy Godmother wings yet. BUT, if you book and pay for your spot at a minimum, 5 weeks before his actual birthday date, we will do everything possible on our end, to get your drop dead gorgeous images for him (and you) to swoon over!

Here is a rough idea of a timeline:
Enquiry - 24-48hr responding time
Consult - within 1 week of initial enquiry
Wardrobe & Styling Consult - approx. 3 weeks before shoot.
Shoot Day - usually 5-6 weeks from initial contact
Private Reveal - approx 4 days after shoot
Order Received - 2-3 weeks after Reveal date.

click the envelope and tell me!
and let's get that coffee girl!

Coffee is on me! 
The very first step is yours. AND after that, it's US.
From the Consultation through to the delivery of your images, every little detail we have covered with so much love and attention, so all that is needed is YOUR ideas. YOUR voice, and YOUR imprint!

One. Final. Thought :- "If you could speak to your hidden part of you that you keep ONLY for yourself....what would SHE say?"

Ready to get Started?

**Please Note: when you respond, you are giving permission for Melissa from Melissa Mills Photography to contact you to discuss this Amour Experience and that you are fully aware that there is a $550 Booking Fee to secure your spot.